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Reference areas for research

We expect to establish the Galapagos islands and Cabaceiras as a reference area for research in dryland regions by the initiative of the International Network on Limnology of Drylands (INLD) and research groups, mainly regarding the mitigation of human impacts and development of the strategies regarding climate adaptation of these Islands.

Galapagos inlands

GALAPAGOS PROGRAM: Iconic Galapagos aquatic ecosystems as a climate change hot-spot?


Cabaceiras: archeological site in the semiarid region

The main objective is to analyse the effects of habitat drying on aquatic communities and processes. 

cabaceiras 9.jpg

Common goals

The main objective to establish the reference areas is to understand the effects of climate change on aquatic ecosystems and communities, including the process as dispersal and resistance structures in sediments.

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