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INLD projects
  • Scientometric and metanalyses in global drylands

   The scientometric approach in the INLD perspective has been used with the objective to understand and to fill the gaps of research in drylands zones around the world. In this way, we intend to access data and information about the water bodies distribution, such as biodiversity, conservation aspects among others.  In the second step, we will conduct meta-analysis studies. Recently, we expand some specific issues about lentic ecosystems beyond drylands areas.
Keywords: systematic review, scientometric analysis, meta-analysis.

  • Biodiversity under climatic changes and anthropogenic pressures in temporary rock pools

​   The temporary rock pools are amongst the most threatened ecosystems in the world, due to overexploitation, pollution, and other multiple local stressors. Recently, climate change increased the vulnerability to these ecosystems, inducing changes in the hydrological regime through the changes in the water balance. In this scenario, drought arises as an important driver of change in freshwater ecosystems

Keywords: Rockpools, lentic ecosystems, conservation.

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